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Berry growers, looking for location, would do well to see these plants and the soil in which they are growing, and which can be duplicated here and there in this section. We believe this is the same lot he told us he bought of the Budanna Poultry Farms at New Port Richey, and the pullets are now laying at four months old. Thanks to James Dennison and Madonna Jervis Wise for the article. It would be another year though, before the state recognized the name and the federal government opened a Land O’ Lakes post office.

Last year he sold 25,000 pounds of sweet potatoes to a Tampa chain store and received three-fourths of a cent per pound above the price this corporation could have bought elsewhere.

Among his crops this spring are 23 acres of Hastings Prolific corn, the earliest planted now about 30 inches high, three acres of watermelons and 400 hills of Honey Dew Melons.

As few have succeeded here with this latter delicacy, his success will be noted with interest.

It was time to bring residents together into a community with one name, the civic association decided. Wells, nearing her 91st birthday, still lives on Ehren Cutoff property she and her husband, Bascom, bought when they moved here from Detroit in 1941.

Bascom Wells ran a grocery story on the corner for about 25 years, she said.

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