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After they finally get off work, Emma has to clean her clothes after it gets sprayed by a skunk, in addition to being stuck with a mean roommate, Martha Mc Cartney who is fired at the end.

Seeing how bad her first day is, Broseph teaches Emma how to surf.

Meanwhile, Lo steals a vintage surfboard to impress her dad.

When things go wrong, the valuable surfboard goes missing.

After Broseph, Reef and Emma end up lost in the woods for the day, Johnny does everything he can to cover for Emma's absence.

Fin takes photos of the messiest room in the hotel and posts them online, but when she goes out with a hot guy, she discover he's the one staying in the messy room.

Meanwhile, Johnny and Emma pose as a couple in order to film the team Reef and Broseph are up against to see how good they truly are. However, Rosie turns up and says that Lo has been running a 'labor camp' at the hotel. Afraid that Emma received a bad evaluation, which would lead to her 3rd strike, Lo and Fin try to track down the paperwork before it reaches Bummer.

Discovering they are the only ones there, Reef and Fin worry about death.But when the groms pressure him to be the "fun" boss, chaos occurs.Meanwhile, Reef develops a Bromance with a pro surfer staying at the resort, who, by rumor, seems to be attracted to Emma.If the groms are able to endure the stuff, the seniors will take them to an secret section of the beach with the best waves, "The Office", which only a select few get to see.After receiving advice from Lo, Emma brings another surfer to "The Office" trying to make Ty jealous which accidentally reveals the secret location to other tourists.

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The gang doesn't really believe in hauntings, that's until the ghost shows up.

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