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Everything as in a traditional underground office, I think involuntarily, trying to puzzle out how this system works.Dating sites select and register the men by themselves. I propose to make profit of that charting in English with foreigners on international dating sites. We’d such cases,” with this inspiring phrase Julia, the administrator of the agency, finishes my interview. First, they scanned my passport – they said, the site needed a proof that I was not married in order to register me, although I was a little alerted. You’ll earn a lot of money, and then, with great luck, will go to live in America.It takes a day to register on the international dating site “Dream Marriage”.Photos for the profile are taken from my page on the social network “Vkontakte” (it should be noted I have not waited for the promised photo shoot).It is also necessary to attach a photo to each letter.“They’ll more likely fall for a letter with a photo, without it they even cannot react at all. “The men want to see how you look in life, without any photoshop. I wonder how these 50% are calculated.“If only 49% of the breast is covered – will I be fined? She does not get lost with the answer.“A bra, from under which the nipples are not seen, is normal. We’ve only decent girls.”“Do you understand that you’ll work mainly at night?

By the way, there are no such restrictions for the men – they can write anything.“How will you check what I write to the men?

Do the administrators read all the girls’ letters on the site? She is evidently embarrassed by my question.“They can read letters, not permanently, of course, but selectively,” she replies evasively.

And I understand: this penalty is more a formality than a real punishment.

In any case, the penalties are taken here with special attention.

For example, I should pay $ 200 for depravity and vulgarity in correspondence.

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