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After Jim is questioned by Lieutenant Dewhurst at Lloyd's funeral, she again contacts Malfeitor - still believing to be David - about the accident, and the spirit lies that he did not cause it.

Soon, Linda begins to fall under progressive entrapment, in which the spirit changes and starts to terrorize the user, rendering the person weak and easy to possess.

Advertising director Herb Tarlek (bad suits and all) and Les Nessman were also returning regulars to the show.

One of the things that made the original so good was that you had this sane character Andy Travis coming into what is essentially a nut house and becoming one of the nuts.

I am a big big fan of busty ex-stripper Amber Rose, and she is big fan of her huge boobs, and she loves to go TOPLESS!

The next morning, Brandon is shocked to hear about Zarabeth's death on the newscast, and immediately suspects the spirit David murdered her.

But her biggest achievement is definitely Amber Rose porn video that leaked from her i Cloud account some time a go!

An elderly hillbilly and his friend are rescued from a life of poverty by a long-lost family member who married into wealth in Beverly Hills but is now doing social battle with her late husband's snobby family. They become the toast of society, but one man believes them to be a threat to the human race. Arthur "Big Guy" Carlson still runs the lagging station.

Brandon brings over a psychic medium named Sarah "Zarabeth" Crawford to contact David, and if necessary to exorcise him from the building.

The spirit puts up little resistance and leaves, but after leaving, Zarabeth is suspicious and wants to research the occurrence.

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