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He is the loan shark who originally lent the money to Do-il for the Cyrano theater, and is later revealed to be Do-il's younger brother. Min-shik and Young-dal are Seung-pyo's loan shark goons, who intimidate Byung-hoon into paying his debt, and occasionally join in the agency's missions.

Both of them eventually become Cyrano's prominent actors.

Update your email address Unfortunately we were unable to retrieve your email address during sign up. If snsd hyoyeon confirmed dating Taeyeon and Baekhyun confirmed to be dating, Hyoyeon was also. And for those who wondered whether if it was because of April Fools' Day incident that the two broke up, Kim Jun Hyung clarified, "We did not break up because of the April Fools' Day incident I do not own this news but i get this from here. When inquired about her previous relationships, Sunny shared that she did in fact dated an artist.

When I heard Soo Young was dating that actor I was. Hyoyeon is actually very nice and an atmosphere-maker with a great personality.With the addition of the Taeyeon-Baekhyun couple, only four Girls haven't revealed relationships this year.SNSD sooyoung " data-medium-file=" Previously, the couple denied their romantic relationship and stated that they are just church friends.Choi Soo-young (born February 10, 1990), better known by the mononym Sooyoung, is a South Korean singer and actress.She was a part of the short-lived Korean-Japanese singing duo, Route θ, during 2002 in Japan.

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