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Igual, muchas gracias a todas las personas que me han seguido por tanto tiempo, gracias por los comentarios positivos y las críticas constructivas!Quizás vuelva a subir historias, quizás no, no lo sé.When an accident forces Harry Potter to prematurely end his quidditch career, fate smiles on him and gives him the chance to run his own club.

Cover by Donttouchrummy This was the night Ginevra had dreamt of since the Carrows rescued her from a life of poverty as a toddler, the night she would finally receive her mark and prove her loyalty to the Dark Lord. They must keep these powers a secret, no matter what, but at the same time, what happens when they start discovering that not all humans are bad? Fun, lighthearted, family orientated, Lucissa one shot. Or: Scenes from the first year to all the way to the sixth year. Remus AU, Get together -fic]After the trial of the Malfoys ends, Harry starts receiving flowers.The day he found out he was Satan's son was also the day he lost his sight.Now all he could see was darkness and flaming silhouettes. The Sorting Hat doesn't just let the Sword go when it falls on Harry's head in the Chamber, but also Sorts him again, this time into Slytherin.Neither of them likes that idea, but it turns into a bit of a disaster when an omega moves to Berk. Ahora están en una lucha de poder, de deseos de escapar y ser libres. Harry, his last remaining Auror protector, must bind himself to Draco as a temporary mate until they can reach the Veela enclave they are seeking and find him a permanent one. In a world where wizards and witches can sense each other's familiars but no one else can, Harry's impressive familiar makes an eleven-year-old Draco Malfoy take more notice of him.¿Cómo lograrlo si el pasado no los quiere abandonar? Draco discovers his father, a powerful Lord, wishes to marry him after his mother's death. She passes him a note because she's bored during Binns' class.

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