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"What kind of world have we made for ourselves," he asks, "where we think it's acceptable to treat each other like this? But with the advent of the hyper-speed hook up comes the hyper-speed break up.

The best - that is, the least difficult from the dumpee's point of view - is honest and face to face. Pre-internet, we made different kinds of excuses, but in the information age, with multiple devices at our disposal, a lack of communication can only only ever deliberate. The trick is to realise what is happening as quickly as possible so that (a) you don't drive yourself mad wondering what really happened and (b) you don't inadvertantly become a stalker.

Unsurprisingly, ghosting is rated the worst - unless of course you are the ghoster. You may find yourself walking around in circles mumbling 'WTF' for a while, but the one positive thing about ghosting is that nobody has been ill-advised enough to ask if you can remain friends. Far better to look after yourself with as deeply a philosophical head as you can possibly muster.

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Not quite by changing their name and moving to Brazil, but by vanishing from your life, both in real time and digitally, with little or no explanation. Unfollow them on Twitter, unfriend them on Facebook, delete them, block them, ignore their calls, emails, texts, or if you are suitably prehistoric, their letters. I have not seen him since, despite our geographical proximity, other than one brief, awful moment at a train station. When I tried to contact him, he remained evasive, culminating with him blocking me on Facebook, which felt strange, yet was perhaps perversely kind, in that seeing him on social media would have made the situation more painful.

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