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Enjoy a Champagne Breakfast feast atop Taj Khema The Maharajas' Express proceeds for its last stop, the national capital- Delhi. Disembark and bid farewell to the Maharajas' Express and The Heritage of India tour as your journey comes to an end! The Taj Mahal : Itinerary of Maharajas' Express Taj Mahal was built by a grief stricken Emperor Shahjahan as a memorial to his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal.A world-renowned wonder, Taj Mahal sits pretty on the northern side of this green paradise. The Quranic inscriptions on its four entrances are carved in such subtle increase in size that may appear to be of the same size from top to bottom!After that guests proceed to City Palace/Jai Mahal Palace where they can get a closer look at the heritage of India for and also indulge in an elephant activity where guests may choose to paint them, feed them or take a regal[Royale ride] ride followed by lunch.Post lunch guests can either return to the comfort of Maharajas' Express or may choose from optional activities such as Guests proceed for an exciting game drive at Ranthambore National Park. The Maharajas' Express then proceeds for ancient Mughal capital, Fatehpur Sikri and guests have their lunch on board.

In our iconic Indian heritage luxury tours guests can also peek into Indian artistry.

Guests then proceed for sundowners cocktails amidst the picturesque Sand Dunes. Our Indian heritage luxury tours are exemplars of fun with luxury and our guests experience the same as they arrive at the sand dunes and are greeted by cocktails, barbeque and folk dances.

Guests later return to the comforts of the Maharajas' Express and the opulent train leaves for Pink City, Jaipur. Arrive in Jaipur and begin your odyssey with a visit to the Amber Fort.

Amber is the classic and romantic fort-palace with a magnificent aura.

The interior wall of the palace depicts expressive painting scenes with carvings, precious stones and mirror settings.

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