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I'm proud of the Australia this song represents and let's face it, who doesn't sing along to this beauty when it plays in a pub!

It's part of our Aussie history, that we remember through Aussie Rock. I have grown up with this song as my Dad played it over and over when we'd go out in the car. When they performed Eagle Rock the theatre erupted April Sun in Cuba. Am I ever gonna see your face again, brings back so many happy memories of nights out with my now husband seeing the Angels playing regular gigs at the Newcastle Workers Club pre earthquake. Listening to classic rock songs while enjoying a drink or two with friends will always bring a smile to my face when I think about it.

It was an anthem for all of us trying to find our way. Because I saw the Steve Irwin memorial on DVD and john Williamson played it while one of the Australian zoo workers were loading up steve Irwin ute for the last time, it was a beautiful tribute and it was a good way to farewell Steve Irwin The Screaming Jets, Better.

It's Aussie Rock at it's purest, but with more of a modern sound.

I have great memories of this song in summer with my friends and my boom box hanging out singing together on our front lawn.

Mondo Rock Come Said The Boy; sing along now "lets go down to the sand ....." - not only a great Australian rock song but my favourite song of all time.

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