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You might need to have a return address on your envelope.Be diligent about following the rules to the letter, and you'll improve your odds of winning.It's a good idea to have a large supply on hand before you get started.Another common entry method for mail-in sweepstakes is to write your information on a postcard and mail it in.While many sweeps ask for 3x5 cards, others ask for entry on 3x5 paper, and they may disqualify you if you use the wrong type of stationary.Scissors are very handy to have in your sweepstakes kit.

Along with your index cards, you might want to also keep a stack of paper cut to measure 3x5 inches.

Mail-in sweepstakes are giveaways which accept entries by postal mail.

Some of these giveaways have several entry methods, such as online entry forms and social media entries, while others only accept snail mail entries.

You will need them to cut UPC codes from boxes, to decorate your envelopes, and to cut paper to the proper size for entry forms.

Every mail-in entry that you send is going to require a stamp.

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