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The first video was a vlog-type video in which Caddy gave a tour of his room, but the two other videos were closer to short sketches.

is the series that launched alongside Caddy's second channel.

was the show in which Caddy reviewed games in a fashion that wouldn't fit with his main show.

They aren't so much comedy videos as they are more traditionally-styled reviews.

is a series where Caddy reviews the first three instalments in any video game franchise he feels he wants to cover.

Each entry contains three videos, one for each game he covers.

Similarly, in May 2017, his Film Fridays series (in hiatus for three months) became Cinemaggots.

Find his main channel here, and his second channel here.

The games that are reviewed in this show are those that Caddy had been playing recently, old or new.

This show used to be on his secondary channel, but was moved to his main one due to popularity.

is a collection of all the videos released on Caddy's second channel that don't really belong anywhere else.

It is possible Caddy originally meant to make it a more promenent series, considering the first video he released on the channel was one.

However, only two other videos have been added to the list since.

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