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Here is a letter from Warren Werbitt, CEO of Pazazz describing how he felt through his company's reorganization process, and what he did to turn things around.

Published May 3, 2010 Enjoy this conversation between Patty Calkins, Xerox, and Andrew Winston, co-author of Green to Gold.

Published September 26, 2010 In December 2008 Homewood Press installed a power generating wind turbine for the purpose of providing electricity from a clean energy source to assist in providing power to their plant.

Projections that suggest that the wind turbine will generate approximately 1/3 of the power the plant consumes annually.

Published August 29, 2010 In this week’s installment of Going Green’s Learn from the Winners, we hear from Alice Miller, IT Director for Patient News Publishing, winner of the 2010 Environmental Innovation Award for Environmental Sustainability and Your Community.

Published August 22, 2010 In this week's installment of Going Green's Learn from the Winners, we hear from Jerome Elion, VP of Marketing for Green Books N Binders, winner of the .

Published September 19, 2010 Allpak Trojan, Renton WA, was the winner of the 2009 What They Think Environmental Innovation Award for Beyond Environmental Sustainability, which recognized the company its leading-edge solutions and an initiative involving unique creativity.

Alyson Meade, Sustainability Coordinator for Allpak Trojan tells about her company's efforts and initiatives.

After more than 375 posts, endless recording of upcoming events, listing of 44 "must read" books, two Environmental Awards programs, and many tens of thousands of page views, I'm moving on to new challenges.

These are companies who are making real and concrete contributions to innovation, implementation, and communication of environmental solutions.

Published April 21, 2010 Wear condoms, retire the bear, and eat less fried chicken.

Published August 15, 2010 Learn from the Winners is a 10-part series that introduces each of the winners of the 20 Environmental Innovation Awards and highlights their award-winning programs and initiatives.

By the end of the series, we will have described real and concrete innovation, implementation and communication of environmental solutions -- there is something of interest and benefit to every printer.

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