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Still, what’s probably even more important than that – IGT games have acquired the reputation of classics favored by many and keeping players coming back for years.

With names like Cleopatra, Monopoly, Cluedo, Megabucks, Star Wars speaking for themselves, what else can we possibly add?

Slot games come and go, just like any other “wonders” of modern technology that we are showered with.

When people have so many choices, it becomes harder and harder to keep their attention even though you manage to get it.

IGT also provides slot games to casinos with most of the popular games converted to online slot games and / or mobile apps.

While the games are not available in all countries, European players can access IGT’s online slots for real money or play for free.

The reels are the mechanical strips that spin inside the machine.

The symbols on them have to line up in order to provide a win—where they line up is called the “payline.” They haven’t changed much since they were invented earlier this century by Charles Fey in San Francisco.

Some of the better-known brands they’ve done this with include Monopoly, SATC slots (Sex and the City) Jeopardy, Ghostbusters, the Dark Knight slots, and Wheel of Fortune.

Nothing but placing some more bets on our favorites.

As you may have noticed this site focuses on the slot machine games we love to play at the casino like WWI, LOTR and hundreds of other games. You don't need to leave our site to play the games. Have a look around; I’m sure there is something you will find you like.

Multiple companies design and manufacture slot machine games for casinos.

IGT - The largest and most profitable of these companies is IGT, which stands for International Game Technology.

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