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"This is very much a one-off, as far as we can tell," said James Thomas, the school's director of external affairs, who is charged with selling Gordonstoun to a shrinking market.

"The [local] people are extremely friendly - this was an isolated incident.'' Pupils, he added, "blend into the scenery and they're not any different'' from local children. "You can spot them a mile off, the way they just saunter in,'' said Laura Mc Kerron, 20, an aspiring singer in Elgin.

It is interesting to note that during this 31-year period, Bustamante remained the party leader even though two other men from the party – Donald Sangster (1965 to 1967) and Hugh Shearer (1967 to 1974) were elected Prime Ministers of Jamaica.

He eventually turned over the mantle to Edward Seaga in 1974, who led the party until 2005 – also 31 years.

The gap between the two lines created an architectural, space-edged eye. We’ll miss Pat Mc Grath at Dior, but this is a great inaugural voyage for Philips.

In today’s Monday Musings, we take a look ‘behind the news’ following yesterday’s re-election of Andrew Holness as the leader of the opposition Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

Or so locals learnt from the newspapers, almost two weeks after the event."Police quiz Royal in gang brawl", the tabloids screamed, detailing a post-pub street fight between young men from Gordonstoun and Lossiemouth, complete with upper-crust cries of "Fight, you peasants! The facts of the dispute are now sub-judice; the local police have charged three men - one from Gordonstoun, two from Lossiemouth - and the Procurator-Fiscal of Moray (equivalent to the Crown Prosecution Service in England) is considering, in view of the police report, whether to proceed to court.

As Gordonstoun was eager to emphasise (while resolutely refusing to discuss its investigation into the fight), Peter Phillips, pupil, rugby star and grandson of the Queen, has been "eliminated from police inquiries".

Time will tell if ‘lightning strikes twice,’ so to speak.

Holness will now try to return a spirit of unity to his party, even as the defeated Shaw and several of his top supporters – Gregory Mair, Christopher Tufton, Ed Bartlett, Delroy Chuck, Marissa Dalrymple-Philibert and Daryl Vaz – have resigned in the wake of the results.

Each has cited the reason for stepping down as a means of giving Holness “a free hand to select a team in which he has confidence going forward.” Indeed, if the JLP is to offer itself to the Jamaican public as a viable alternative to the PNP come the next general election in 2015, it has to present a united front.

"It wasn't a one-off but it wasn't a big deal," said a 15-year-old girl from the local school, Elgin Academy.

"It happens everywhere, I don't see why just because they're Gordonstoun boys it should be different." Gordonstoun School, rather warily, allowed me to visit the grounds and talk to a selected group of pupils.

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