Personal web sites of nasty women who show sex

Note that the contact information may be anonymous if the site was registered through a proxy service.

If you can only find a general phone number for the front desk (this often happens with newspapers), tell the receptionist that you’d like to be connected to someone in charge of website content about a takedown request.

If you wanted to do a Who Is search on us, for example, you’d type in “whois into the search bar.

There’s usually no legal reason to get an item taken down, so you’ll only succeed if you ask respectfully and eloquently.

Think of yourself like an attorney: you have to represent yourself and make a compelling argument.

If they do remove the item, they’ll be doing it as a favor to you.

In this guide, we’ll call the website that’s actually hosting the content you want removed–the original source–the .

Blogs, newspapers, forums, Facebook…they’re all publishers. Let’s say that someone wrote a really unflattering blog post about you and now it’s showing up in Google’s search results whenever someone searches for your name. Here’s the important thing: To remove something from Google’s search results, you have to remove it from the original source first.

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