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Author Website | Author Archive Page Latest Post: Just Another New Year’s Eve: A Reflection on Communion and Community Birgit is a 50-something cradle Catholic who is passionate about the pro-life movement.

Sometime player of bass clarinet, alto clarinet, clarinet, bass, tenor bowed psaltery for parish instrumental group and local folk group. He was stationed at Ft Myer, Virgina; Yongsan, Seoul, South Korea; Sand Springs, Oklahoma and Ft Riley, KS.He has been fascinated with the reasonableness of the Faith since his junior year in high school in the mid-20th century for which the religion text was entitled, "Faith and Reason".That fascination has continued throughout his education in philosophy, math and science.Therefore at the command of God our Lord and with his help, I have undertaken not so much to discourse with authority on matters known to me as to know them better by discoursing devoutly of them.” St. Author Website | Author Archive Page Latest Post: Can a Faithful Catholic Believe in Science? He came back to the Church and went through the RCIA program to become familiar with the faith once again.He also was chosen to help teach Confirmation classes on Ft Riley for two years up until he departed the area. When Brandon isn’t busy working or studying, he likes to spend time with his family and write stories for pleasure.

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