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More commonly and very importantly, a thematic pattern may be repeated and varied at different levels of abstraction: not just chains of individual lexical items but chains of whole thematic formations can interact.

Normally, the themes or main concerns, emerge through the details of the narration, images and symbols, the narrative tone and stance; words, phrases, sentences are tools that bring home to the reader the potential range of possible interpretable topics.

Consequently, the reader is involved in a reconstruction of context through an analysis of its content set up by the variables, such as: genre; register; verbally presented events as topical points; the author’s perspective in terms of gist and theme; view-dependent attitudes, social and cultural evaluative stance; logical links [4].

Being a philologist in a wide sense of a word implies academic ability to understand every variety of text in the chosen language through reading and place it within the overall treasury of existing literature [1, p.9].

In terms of literacy, socially mediated and developed, reading is admitted to belong to the group of literacy events taking place within real-life context in a community and therefore seen as an initial step in the direction of literacy development.

The model is evolved around the following strategy-related activities: engagement, comprehension and activate activities, supplied with corresponding study skills and reading strategies – which are intended to develop overall reading proficiency through corresponding reading question tasks: matching, multiple choice, true/false, gapfill, completion, summary, information gap, evaluating statements, reassembling a text [ 3 ]. Hence, initial stage is to be organized so that the reader could make inferences about genre and register peculiarities: whether it is fiction or non-fiction (with emphasis on its source, purpose, medium of communication, social, cultural, political conditions), taking into account area of its dissimilation (science, business transactions, newspaper reporting, journal articles, TV advertising, official announcements, cultural or sport events).

If we think of the way how to start processing information, then the following functional domains are offered to single out: 1) general scientific entries, which deal with asserting certain points or assumptions, making prospects, arriving at certain results, explaining and defining this or that phenomenon, passing on and summing up information; 2) publicistic prose with the focus on influence on public opinion, combination of logic argumentation and emotional appeal causing a person to accept the given point of view, logically and carefully structured with use of imagery and brevity of expression.

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