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Tony Rennell reveals the best historical books to gift other this Christmas.

His top picks include the memoir, Winston Churchill And Me as well as well as an insight into the glorious, boozy party after World War I in Lost Girls: The Invention Of The Flapper (pictured left).

Or that George Harrison wrote Here Comes The Sun in Eric Clapton’s garden?

The compelling tale has also previously been explored in various Hollywood movies.

THE TELOMERE EFFECT by Dr Elizabeth Blackburn and Elissa Epel (Orion £9.99) ‘Why are some people whip-smart and energetic into old age, while other people, much younger, are sick, exhausted and foggy?

SCORN By Matthew Parris (Profile £8.99) We live in an age of insults.

Social media offers plentiful opportunities to the crass, the dim and deranged.

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