Motorola phone tools not updating

This results in lower signal strength over a wide coverage area.Nextel and other ESMR systems use a "low site" or cellular type architecture, with many base stations installed on 1-3 story buildings and 30-50 ft monopoles to create high signal density and greater user capacity over their coverage area.APCO Project 39 In the late 1990's, the FCC was forced to acknowledge that there was a problem.The number of interference complaints to public safety were rising, and the popularity of the ESMR services that were primarily blamed for the interference was also rising, with no end in sight. The FCC solicited input from the various users groups to determine the best course of action.During rebanding the following will occur: After rebanding, Public Safety and Critical Infrastructure will have exclusive use of 851-854 MHz.ESMR systems (primarily Nextel) will have exclusive use of 862-869 MHz range, and public safety, business/industrial users, and low-power SMR's will share the 854-862 MHz spectrum.The "new" numbers start at 440, so 851.0250 MHz is now channel 440.

In 1987, 239 channels between 866-869 MHz were allocated exclusively to Public Safety (NPSPAC). Rebanding will relocate the NPSPAC channels to 851-854 MHz.Rebanding should not be confused with Narrowbanding.When the 800 MHz band was originally created, two segments of the spectrum were set aside for Cellular Telephone (mobile and base).This band was allocated to SMR operations, and the channels were spaced 25 KHz apart, so only 120 channels were assigned.These are the "general category" channels - 851.0125, .0375, .0625, .0875, .1125, etc.

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When the scanner detects a talkgroup ID that the user has programmed in, it picks up the channel assignment for that talkgroup from the control channel, then performs a calculation to determine the actual frequency to be tuned.

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