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Arthur Sinclair had worked up a hard sweat, and decided it was time to end the workout and head to the office.

They were all sitting around, talking, then suddenly they were all naked. " Rob guffawed, Inez chiming in, "I didn't know people could take off their clothes that fast, but... " she exclaimed, as one of the actors was sporting at least an eight inch cock. " They all three laughed, and finally Rob said, "Well, we are roommates, and I got a peek a time or two. " Arthur said, "True, Inez, I've seen Rob's package too. Not that there is anything wrong with that." They all laughed.He said goodnight to everyone, and walked the short distance back to the apartment he shared with Rob.He was still up watching television when Rob and Inez came home. Thought you would go to Inez's place," Arthur said.He entered the shower, enjoying the feel of the water on his lean, muscled body, soaping himself, down to the crotch.His hand ran the length of his eight inch cock, and he allowed himself the indulgence of rubbing it again, perhaps in subconscious anticipation of tonight's reunion.

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  1. "These are dark times, there's no denying," he intones gravely, pointing out the grim state of affairs facing the nation- murders, disappearances and raids- but reassuring the public, as any politician would, that his Ministry has it all under control.