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"; Sal is a courtly charmer who grew up in Beirut during the Lebanese civil war and now dates a former Miss USA.

Just download the award-winning Presence app on a spare smartphone or tablet to turn it into a security camera with motion detection, thanks to the fantastic video capabilities of your old gadget. " In a darkened soundstage on the outskirts of London, Abel Tesfaye is wondering if he can say "fuck" or not.Tesfaye, better known as breakout pop sensation the Weeknd, is at a rehearsal for , the BBC music show, about to soundcheck his smash hit "The Hills," a four-minute horror-movie booty call featuring more than a dozen f-bombs."I was everything an R&B singer wasn't," he says. Early Weeknd songs were atmospheric and chilly, their thick narcotic haze sliced by his broken-glass falsetto.The lyrics were an addiction counselor's worst nightmare: pills, pain, shame, serotonin, danger.

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