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Authors and their critical appraisal are classified by period and alphabetical order.The signage is as follows (first two digits of the call number) : The following databases are available via the catalogue and require the user id and password received when you registered at the BUL. Kaiserreich - Weimarer Republik - Drittes Reich – DDR. Im Harem von Istanbul: Osmanisch-turkische Frauenkultur im 19. In: Evangelia Balta, Mehmet Olmez (eds.), Between Religion and Language: Turkish-Speaking Christians, Jews and Greek-Speaking Muslims and Catholics in the Ottoman Empire. In: Wiener Zeitschrift fur die Kunde des Morgenlands (WZKM), Bd. Modern Turkish literature, 19th-20th centuries, particularly the fields of - Turkish (auto)biographical literature - Turkish crime fiction - Literatures of the Non-Turkish communities in the Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey in Turkish- Turkish women’s literature- View of the “Other” in Turkish literature- Memory culture(s) and canon in Turkey- Comparative perspectives on Turkish literature Monographies„Herren“ und „Sklaven“: Der Wandel im Sklavenbild turkischer Literaten in der Spatzeit des Osmanischen Reiches. Achmed Talib: Stationen des Lebens eines turkischen Schuhmachermeisters in Deutschland von 19. Articles The role of Turcophone Armenians as literary innovators and mediators of culture in the early days of Modern Turkish Literature. In: Bekim Agai (ed.): Der Bosporus zu Besuch am Rhein. In: Helga Anetshofer, Ingeborg Baldauf Christa Ebert (eds.): Uber Gereimtes und Ungereimtes diesseits und jenseits der Turcia. In: Hendrik Boeschoten and Heidi Stein (eds.): Einheit und Vielfalt in der turkischen Welt.

Free shipping for non-business customers when ordering books at De Gruyter Online. The collections are mainly based on the Limpertsberg Campus.All printed materials as well as electronic resources can be found in the catalogue z, Halim Kara and Borte Sagaster (eds.): Autobiographical Themes in Turkish Literature: Theoretical and Comparative Perspectives. Angelika Neuwirth, Michael Hess, Judith Pfeiffer, Borte Sagaster: Ghazal as World Literature II: From a Literary Genre to a Great Tradition. (Istanbuler Texte und Studien 4), Wurzburg: Ergon, 2006.

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Detectives alaturka: Turkish detective novels after 1990. Beobachtungen eines „Okzidentalisten“: Ahmed Midhat Efendis Wahrnehmung der Europaer anla?

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