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In an interview, Meloni explained that the two met for the first time and became good friends during the shooting of "Demons": "Every once in a while, you'll get a great actor who for whatever reason, you'll speak the same language." The second episode "Design" was a crossover with the Law & Order episode "Flaw".

Estella Warren and Lynda Carter starred in the episodes as April Troost and Lorraine Dillon respectively, a mother-daughter pair of con-artists.

Diane Neal gave an interview about working with him during the seventh season.

She compared him to her father, who is a Federal Attorney, with "They're both southern, they're both large, they're both lawyers, they're both the same age, they're both football kind of guys." The season premiere "Demons" showed Christopher Meloni sharing psychologically intense scenes with Terminator 2: Judgment Day star Robert Patrick.

This episode was the last of Richard Bright's works that was released before his death in 2006.

In "Taboo", Schuyler Fisk guest starred as a young mother who has abandoned at least two babies in order to cover up incest.

This was one of the more memorable roles for the actress according to a 2011 interview in which she said "When I did Law & Order: SVU, Mariska Hargitay was particularly good to me and I actually enjoyed diving into a dark place for that character." The sixteenth episode "Gone" showed three teenage boys on trial for the murder of a teenage girl whose body was never found.

When one of her mothers dies, she lies about being sexually abused as part of her grandmother's petition for custody.

Graduate student Morgan Blue analyzed this episode and wrote "By the end of this episode, it's clear that the detectives believed Emma was innocent, but were not taken in by the 'myth of a spotlessly honest child.'" The episode "Infected" guest starred Malcolm David Kelley as a child who witnesses gun violence and goes on to commit it himself.

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