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There are a lot of different resources at Baylor and in the community and we have a whole list of people we can talk to in order to help a person’s situation.

Going through a process like this, if you are accused, is pretty serious and pretty stressful and so you can reach out and talk with Patty Crawford, who is the Baylor Title IX Coordinator.

” You want to see what her response is going to be like.

The reason being is that even if she is not black-out drunk, she can be incapacitated and stumbling over things and not aware of her own actions and may not remember anything the next day.

“Being in a fraternity I feel like you all are wanting to be a part of something bigger than yourselves,” Mc Rary said.

Where does Title IX draw the line and use the term sexual assault? According to the Baylor Title IX website, sexual assault is any unwanted sexual contact and includes the full range of sexual behaviors from fondling, kissing and oral sex all the way to completed rape.

We don’t go out on campus and make those affairs public. So there is a big difference between intoxication and incapacitation.I have heard people say that having any amount of alcohol in the body can make someone unable to use consent. What we are talking about is does she really understand what is going on that she could give consent in that situation.I don’t mean to come down on guys because men can be sexually assaulted too and that actually happens more than you think that it would, but the majority of these cases are women.Doe admitted he was in Roe's room, but denied Roe's accusations.In May 2015, Doe took a polygraph test that indicated there was "no deception" and a passing result, but this examination was dismissed by Affel, the suit states.

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