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Finally, thanks to an obscure book found by that search engine (reported for the first time in this articlette) we must now add Hildebrand's original 1903 google into the story.

Several things interest me about this on-going story. Sanger, born 1899 in Pittsburgh, studied cartooning with Billy De Beck, whether in person or via the correspondence course I don't know--probably the latter.

Internet dating as a research technique relies upon efficiently and systematically sifting and synthesizing knowledge inside books, journals, newspapers and other documents scanned by Google.

In its first chapter, Hildebrand reveals that he also wrote and self published an earlier book, in 1901, entitled The Conglomerate de Omniferia; Or, The Meditations of a Hobo under the pseudonym Aristotle Flavius Hillogrates.

It’s something of a duel-mystery why only a single copy of each book appears to be in existence and why they have survived at all.

The fact that he put his thoughts into self-published books suggests that he wanted to influence mankind beyond the grave. (2013)Twenty First Century Knowledge Flux: The Impact of Internet Dating as a Research Technique to Determine the Veracity of Knowledge Claims Regarding the Provenance of Words, Phrases and Concepts.

I suspect he could have had no idea that it would be the weird title of his book that would bring him to the attention of the world via a once unimaginable technology sharing the same name.

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