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For me, Rudo y Cursi has a tone of realistic drama, more than a comedy, but what happens is that there is a lot of sense of humor. What I tried to do, was a faithful portrait of Mexican society. Beyond the cast, it is a unique concept that deals with a universal subject matter--brotherhood--which we all have experienced one way or the other. "I hope that honesty and authenticity are what bring people to the theatres. The story always struck me because it was one of the first examples of how extreme a terrorist act could be and how one could turn someone close into an abstractionnot only his fiance but also an unborn child. One of the original inspirations for the film came from a 1986 news story Egoyan had read about a Jordanian man who sent his pregnant Irish girlfriend on an El Al flight with a bomb in her handbag, of which she had no knowledge until security found it. In this case, soccer is a metaphor for life and life becomes a metaphor of the game.

What has happened in the 20 years since is that now we can all make images and anyone can broadcast their thoughts. At that time an application like Apple's i Chat only allowed up to four people to conduct a group visual communication.

I had to rewrite at very unusual--or strange--moments, during a very intense preproduction, because there was no other choice.

"In me, all creative process is chaotic; nothing comes in order. It was very complicated to write the script, as complicated as the production itself. I enjoy it all the time, but both are difficult processes.

Simon uses the internet to misrepresent himself as the unborn child of the plot and the story shifts between a foiled terrorist plot and its unexpected repercussions on the lives of three contemporary characters living in Toronto.

I came across the story again in 2006 and began to wonder about the child and the legacy of being raised knowing what your father had done.

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