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My gf had to go into work next day and left her sister at the house... After my gf left, her sister comes back from her bedroom with just a robe and nothing under...says I watched you two fucking last night and it made me really hot.

I figure I was set up by my gf, so I fucked her sister for the rest of the morning, we clean up for lunch, my gf comes back mid afternoon, asks in a teasing way if we behaved ourselves, and her sister, I made him fuck me...Her younger sister came in from Cal and they came out for some R&R...later that night I was fucking my gf and I thought I saw someone peeking at the door, but said nothing.I let her join us from time to time under my rules and orders.I couldn't take it anymore living with my older sis and bf. When she left for work one morning I went in their room and seen his big dick still glistening with my sisters juices on it, I sucked clean and began to ride him, I came in waves as I rode his big bone and as he came he pulled out and shot his load on my quivering ass. I don't have a little sister but I would love for my husband to fuck a skinny young girl like that.

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