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Is he in touch with the previous girl who flipped him into monogamy? Here was the first comment he ever left: What do you do with the girls who, when asked out on a date, look at you nicely and never talk to you again?

I first heard from him in the Spring of 2009, when he was just 21.

How they can have tons of casual sex with tons of women at the same time and not get emotionally attached to any of them. See it to it’s fullest extent, and then make a decision on how he wishes to be., ”But I’m not fucking you tonight”.

Plus, I’m not an asshole so I saw what standard she wanted, and to be honest, I WANTED to live up to her standard.[There’s a] difference between snobbery and self-respect. Just say, “Fuck that, I’m not nagging, I’m being upfront and serious.” If he doesn’t respect that he doesn’t respect you. Not every girl might have the sass to pull that off, but if you’re making out stop yourself before it goes further.You can make out with a boy the first night and he could become your boyfriend, but never after sex.We don’t want to have sex too soon and lose his respect, but we don’t want to hold out so long that he seeks satisfaction elsewhere.For women, it’s critical to observe a man’s character over a period of time to assess his willingness to enter into a committed relationship.

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