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Have you heard of our little post of Zinderneuf (far, far north of Zinder which is in the Ar country), north of your Nigeria? Well you hear of it now, and it is where this incomprehensible tragedy took place. 'But no, Monsieur le Majeur' declares the orderly, 'it is the dying goum, dying of fatigue on the dying camel.' 'Then bid him not die, on pain of death, till I have questioned him,'I reply as I load my revolver. The one alleviation of this particular affliction being its intermittence; for this monument of selfishness was generally anywhere but at home, he being a mighty hunter before the Lord (or the Devil) and usually in pursuit of prey, biped or quadruped, in distant places. ." Might have shoved it behind a cushion or dropped it somewhere. I expected to see him promptly suffer grief and pain at their hands, but Michael did the unexpected, as usual. Isobel was sitting in her place, and I went to see what I could get for her. We sat down, and conversation was in abeyance for a few minutes in favour of the business of breakfast. I knew before she spoke almost the words she was going to say. No one spoke or moved, and for a full minute Lady Brandon waited. " said she at last, and then, "One other thing please note very carefully.

These days he whiled away in strolling about the wonderful Haussa city, visiting the market-place, exploring its seven square miles of streets of mud houses, with their ant-proof dm-palm beams; watching the ebb and flow of varied black and brown humanity at the thirteen great gates in its mighty earthen ramparts; politely returning the cheery and respectful "Sanu! " greetings of the Haussas who passed this specimen of the great Bature race, the wonderful white men. With de Beaujolais, Lawrence had been at Ainger's House at Eton; and the two occasionally met, as thus, on the Northern Nigerian Railway; on the ships of Messrs. But I thought his joke a poor one and over-personal, as I looked up into the muzzle of his unwavering rifle. We, however, arrived at no conclusion, and were driven to content ourselves with a foolish theory that the strange visitor was in some way connected with a queer boy, now a very distinguished and enlightened ruler in India. But I have the strongest distaste for a silly lie that merely gives annoyance to other people, and puts blame upon an innocent person. "I do hope you won't let this worry you, and give you a sleepless night." The poor Chaplain looked too unhappy, bewildered, and bemused to speak. "Oh, you unutterable cheese-mite," he said, apparently more in sorrow than in anger. Frequently he paid him the remarkable English compliment, "One would hardly take you for a Frenchman, Jolly, you might almost be English," a bouquet which de Beaujolais received with less concern by reason of the fact that his mother had been a Devonshire Cary. And when the two men were stretched opposite to each other on the long couches of their roomy compartment, and had exchanged plans for spending their leave--yachting, golf, and the Moors, on the one hand; and Paris boulevards, race-courses, and Monte Carlo, on the other--Lawrence found that he need talk no more, for his friend was bursting and bubbling over with a story, an unfathomable intriguing mystery, which he must tell or die. And one of those deaths a dastardly cold-blooded murder! Aunt Patricia welcomed him to Brandon Abbas at Michael's request, and when he saw the "Blue Water" he actually and literally and completely fainted. "It is just a joke, of course." "Bed," rejoined her aunt, and Isobel departed with a kind glance at me. "Come here," she said coldly, and with a hard stare into his somewhat shifty eyes. Had Digby then been proved innocent, I am afraid I should have suspected Claudia of wishing to turn the limelight on herself by an innocently naughty escapade--before I should ever have entertained the idea of Michael doing it and denying it. "Have you touched the sapphire since the Chaplain did, Michael? "Do you declare that all you have just said is the absolute truth, Michael? "I declare it to be the whole truth, and nothing but the truth," was the final answer. Certainly I could not think that Michael was lying. Although the Spahi officer was heavily bearded, arrayed in what Lawrence considered hopelessly ill-fitting khaki, and partially extinguished by a villainous high-domed white helmet (and looked as truly French as his friend looked truly English), he, however, did not throw himself with a howl of joy upon the bosom of his cher Georges, fling his arms about his neck, kiss him upon both cheeks, nor address him as his little cabbage. As the train steamed on from Kano Station and its marvellous medley of Arabs, Haussas, Yorubas, Kroos, Egbas, Beri-Beris, Fulanis, and assorted Nigerians from sarkin, sheikh, shehu, and matlaki, to peasant, camel-man, agriculturist, herdsman, shopkeeper, clerk, soldier, tin-mine worker, and nomad, with their women and piccins, the Frenchman began his tale. I suppose the sight of the sapphire was the occasion rather than the cause, but the fact remains. "Please answer absolutely truthfully--for your own sake. Now that all had firmly and categorically declared their absolute innocence and ignorance in the matter, I had no option (especially in view of my catching him at the spot) but to conclude that Michael had been what I had never known him to be before--a fool, a cad, and a liar. "Michael," said Aunt Patricia very gravely, very coldly, and very sadly, "I'm sorry. Please put the 'Blue Water' back, and I will say no more. Equally certainly I could not forget that I had caught his hand on the glass cover. On hearing his last words, my aunt sat and stared at Michael. At length she began to speak in a low frozen voice. Through Zaria, Minna Junction, and Zungeru, across the Jebba Bridge over the Niger, through Ilorin, Oshogbo, and mighty Ibadan to vast Abeokuta, with brief intervals during which Lawrence frankly snored, de Beaujolais told his tale. If I am lucky and God is good, a slave-caravan from Lake Tchad. "Sent of God, surely to save my reason and my life. It was queer and uncanny beyond words, the more so because he never uttered a sound, and neither then nor subsequently ever said one syllable on the subject of the great jewel! If you have got the 'Blue Water,' and give it to me now, I shall not say another word about the matter. But I doubt whether I shall feel like calling you 'Beau' for some time." "I can't put it back, Aunt, for I haven't got it," said Michael quietly, and my heart bounded. On the whole, if I had to doubt either Michael or the evidence of my senses, I preferred to do the latter. "This is inexpressibly vulgar and disgusting," she began. But at Abeokuta, George Lawrence received the surprise of his life and the tale suddenly became of the most vital interest to him, and from there to Lagos he was all ears. A band of veiled Touaregs led by a Targui bandit-chief, thirsting for the blood of the hated white Roumi--and I bless them even as I open fire or lead the attack of my mule-cavalry-playing-at-Spahis . ." "The Dark Mystery must have been a perfect godsend, my dear Jolly," smiled Lawrence, as he extracted his cheroot-case and extended it to his eloquent friend, lying facing him on the opposite couch-seat of the uncomfortable carriage of the Nigerian Railway. But I doubt if the price were not a little high, even for that! And so we lived our happy lives at Brandon Abbas, when not at our prep. And then, one autumn evening, the face of life changed as utterly and suddenly as unexpectedly. Good night." And Claudia departed, not without an indignant glance at me. "Have you touched the 'Blue Water' since the Chaplain put it back in its place? When we got out of that terrible room, I would go to him when he was alone, and say, "Beau, old chap, just tell me you didn't touch the thing--and if you say you didn't, there's an absolute end of it." And so there would be as far as I was concerned. "One of half a dozen boys and girls, who have practically grown up here, is a despicable liar and, apparently, a common thief--or an uncommon one.

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