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You need to read the person and the situation and do what feels comfortable and fair," she said."The rule of 'whoever picks, pays' is a good one to follow in the early days — it's courteous to pay if you've picked an expensive place.Business Insider caught up with Wereko-Brobby at The Curtain, a trendy new private members' club in East London, where she shared her pearls of wisdom for "time poor" young professional singletons who are looking for a match.The first thing Wereko-Brobby is clear about is that finding love is not easy and it takes real effort — if you want to see any results, that is.It can be more deeply bonding, in fact." If her members do fancy a glass or two of wine at one of Social Concierge's events, Wereko-Brobby just advises them to pace themselves."The tolerance for sloppy drunks is low in our network," she added."I've seen busy corporates just leave the office and head straight to a date with wet gym hair, a crumpled shirt, saying to themselves 'they should take me how I am.' "As with anything in life, you get out what you put in.

Martha Stewart surely has received a recipe for some dish that she just couldn’t get right.

She's not a fan of swiping to find a date and, in fact, Social Concierge is one of the few apps where users don't have profiles and don't swipe.

Instead, the app puts on a series of events which are free to its members.

A lot of us aren’t the Martha or Le Bron of the dating world, but I have some tips that’ll surely improve your dating game and end that single streak that you’re not really willing to discuss at length.

Even if you just went on a date and it went pretty well, there most likely is a place where you could improve.

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" If you're time poor, there are ways to be efficient with your dates, Wereko-Brobby said.

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