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So many other self proclaimed PUAs have given what I do a horrible name, (and rightfully so)! What I have done, is teach guys how to be confident and cool, how to convey that in a non-creepy way, and how to make a connection with new and old friends, in a compressed and usually semi-awkward environment.

I am still ME 20 years after hearing this, I am just an older, wiser, tougher, better looking, and more confident version of myself now.

The success of the bootcamp has resulted in a Project X short film and an influx of guys wanting his high-standard training.

I'm thinking about coughing up the 0 for Bravo's online dating program. But once I start messaging girls back and forth (something he doesn't really get into in the video), they seem to lose interest.

Before I ever got into the whole crazy world of Pick Up, I was the Director of Training at a big gun range where I wrote and taught all of the advanced firearms classes.

I left and started working for a private contracting company and helped teach some pretty badass guys some cool skills.

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Respectfully, Stephen Grosch Above all things, BE A MAN -this site will stay up, but the forum has already moved, as well as all of the blog posts.

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