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In contrary to the Urals, Perm itself is rather young.Although the first settlement of Perm dates back to 16th century, officially it got its city status in 1723.Not the least part of this role was played by Ermak, who was from the Perm Province.Ermak, by order of the Stroganov family, gathered an army here and led it through the Urals, later to succesfully conquer Siberia for Russia.During its history, the theatre has received numerous (inter)national prizes.Another leading stage is the Perm Academic Drama Theatre, founded in 1927.

Petersburg, Perm is a relaxed place, where people have kept the typical Russian way of life and traditions. Petersburg and Moscow, Perm is Russia's leading city for opera and ballet theatre.

The Soviets did an excellent job in hiding Perm and keeping it secret.

Most people from outside the Urals simply did not know of the existence of the - at that time - 1 million citizens of Perm.

Citizens still loudly celebrate Perm's birthday on 12th of June, with street parades, concerts and fireworks throughout the whole city!

In spite of being a relatively young city, Perm played an important role in the history of Russia.

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Until the end of the cold war, Perm did not appear on certain Soviet-made maps, nor did the roads towards it. Actually, it currently is one of Russia's fastest growing cities because of its economical prosperity.

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