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Those who met on social networking sites were more likely to be younger, married more recently, and African American compared to those who met on other ways on the internet.

I'm so sorry for this huge delay, but ideas for stories are not so easy to come by as you might think!

Hall decided to investigate the connection, and learn more about who was meeting their significant other this way, and how well these marriages fared.

The sample included 19,131 participants who had been married once between 20, and were asked where they met – was it online dating sites; email or instant messaging; online communities such as chat rooms or virtual reality games; or social networking sites.

However, I am really excited about this story--it is truly sweet, tender, and romantic!

Maybe it will make your eyes a bit misty, as it does mine when I reread it.

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While it dominated the early days of cyber connecting, for example, My Space was surpassed by Facebook in 2008 as the primary source of online interactions.

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