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We skateboarded down the main street of the parco and rode our mopeds/vespas all over to the different parcos off of the "4-laner".I'd love to see pictures of how it all is now if anyone has pictures.

baby (74) baby #2 (18) baby tips (8) beekeeping (37) boyfriend (10) brat stuff (6) engagement (16) handling divorce (23) health (6) infertility (38) job (45) loss (38) marriage (16) parenting (15) pregnancy (82) pregnancy #2 (44) Preschooler (22) recipes (187) toddler (28) The internet can be so cool.I'll never forget the house we lived in at the bottom of the parco and we had an archway that led right to the lago.I so miss Naples and I can't believe also that our parents let us get around in a foreign country at such a young age. I remember Carney park and when we got Baskin Robbins ice cream store! I was active in singing with the choirs and we went to Sorrento for a week, it was groups of American kids from all over Italy and we did a show at the end of the week.I guess six year old boys look at the world a lot different...I have been back to Naples many times and enjoy it every time!

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