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Anna's studio space is in Artspace in downtown Raleigh.

She shows her work regionally and nationally, and was recently included in a group show in Boston, and in NY by Gitana Rosa gallery. Becky & Matt come from a line of makers, craftsmen and artists.

In addition to his art, Amir has built a strong background in wedding, event, culinary and lifestyle photography.

Anna uses her paintings to depict her own parallel universe, including personified animals in woodland settings and cityscapes based on historic districts and craftsmanship. Becky's grandfather, a Raleigh native and master craftsmen, repaired and handcrafted furniture.

Matt's grandfather worked on street cars and would bring scraps of silver home and make jewelry from them.

She designs these unique pieces and every part of the process: from the design, cutting the glass, fusion in the kiln and assembling.

She works with a group of Chilean artisans, which is the inspiration behind the name, and it represents all the energy, love and passion that goes into every piece.

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